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SUPERMUCIL Psyllium Husk Sachets: Monthly Pack: 31 Sachets of 3.3 Grams each=102 Grams

Supermucil is offering 100% Natural Psyllium Husk/Isabgol. Supermucil psyllium is the purest form of dietary fiber. It removes constipation, helps in removing diabetes and cholesterol. Its non habit forming, safe & natural.

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Description Observation
Form Flakes/Original/Natural
Color White
Grade 99% Pure
Swell Volume NLT (Not Less Than) 50 ml/gm
Direction for Use To make a pleasant high fiber drink, briskly stir one sachet of Supermucil psyllium husk into a glass of normal water (approx. 250 ml) and drink straight away, preferably after meal. An addition glass of water is advisable.
Dosage One Supermucil Sachet (3.3 gms. approx.) twice a day can be taken with a full glass of water is advisable for better results. It can be taken with curd or yogurt in diarrhoea. Physician advice advisable.